Matasistem is a Trentino company based in Piana Rotaliana in the Municipality of Mezzolombardo, which  has established itself as one of the leading companies in the innovative production of structures for outdoor furniture.

There are three branches of the company that are strategically placed in the same product context represented by landscape architecture;

The first is represented by the “Sol” line, in which are placed the energy-saving urban design products , such as small columns, steplights, street lamps and electronic play equipment, all powered by integrated photovoltaic systems, as well as furnishing elements urban spaces coordinated with photovoltaic lighting elements designed to allow the designer to plan integrated furnishings.

“Modus” is the line reserved for laminated wood architectures realized on a project, further subdivided into three sectors: “Crossing Structures”, “Landscape Architecture” and “Roofing”. Modus stands out for the high technical service offered by Matasistem, which begins with the architectural development starting from the need of the designer or the client, passing through the executive design, the structural calculation, prefabrication of the work, transport, installation and floor programmatic maintenance.

“Domus” is the brand that distinguishes the line of accessories for outdoor furniture, created by Matasistem with the aim of completing its production proposal.


Thanks to the synergistic use of its production lines, Matasistem is able to carry out unitary projects for the structuring of urban and external spaces in general. Its highly qualified and referenced technical team supports designers and clients from the planning stage through to installation, always developing customized solutions.